thanks to all that helped

We want to thank all the drivers and teams that helped roll in the track after last Saturday’s unexpected rain. It looked like a fine day and evening with great weather, but alas it was not to be! We had saturated the track with water and had it rolled in well and smooth. Then along comes this deluge with raindrops the size of musket balls to totally turn the track into a mud bog. After more than a two hour delay with several cars that were helping towed out of the mud, racing began. Had the drivers and teams not helped out, we would not have been able to get the track in any shape to race and would have been forced to cancel the night. A few weeks back another track had the same problem. It took several hours to fix the track and they did not finish until 2 to 3 AM. Lincoln county has curfews and we must obey them. If we did not ask for help, there was no way to salvage the night.

Again, thanks for the help and as you saw, when rain hits a wet dirt track, things turn ugly!