Micro Sprints

The Micro Sprints Division brings exciting winged car racing to the East Lincoln Speedway. Our Micros follow the nationally recognized U6SA rules and you will regularly see participants come in from NY, NJ and PA to compete with our highly talented local drivers. Powered by high revving 600cc engines, the Micros turn the fastest laptimes at the speedway.


Rookie Stock Fours

The four bangers have a long history at East Lincoln and are the entry point into dirt track racing for many of our drivers. With lots of new drivers in the division each year, you never know what you are going to see on the track. The division is open to all 4-cylinder, rear wheel drive automobiles, 2-wheel drive mini-pickup trucks and station wagons. Any racer who wins three features during a season will be required to move up to the Super Stock Four class.


Super Stock Fours

The Stock Fours are often the next step up from the Stock Fours Division for drivers looking to build their dirt track racing resume. With a more open exhaust rule, spoilers and a wider tire than the Stock Fours, the action gets hotter and more competitive for these four bangers.


Open Wheel Modifieds

A popular class of cars in many parts of the USA, the Open Wheel Modifieds return to East Lincoln in 2012 running every other Saturday at the famed 3/8 mile red clay oval. These high powered V8 cars attract owners and drivers from all walks of life including many from the big name race shops in the Lake Norman area. With some of the most experienced racers at the track and a group of young, up and coming hot shots, the Open Wheel Modifieds are sure to be a fan favorite again in 2012.


 Limited Sportsman

The premier Division at East Lincoln is our V8 powered Limited Sportsman. With big power riding on a thin, hard Goodyear tire, it takes lots of finesse with the gas pedal to get around our red clay oval in one of these bad boys. With a stock appearing “A” class of cars and a tubing chassis “B” class you will see lots of different looks on the track in a Sportsman race. If you like big, full bodied V8 stock cars, this is the Division for you at East Lincoln Speedway.



A showcase for American V8 muscle the Renegades put on one heck of a show every week at East Lincoln. With limited engine and body modifications this is the down and dirty, run what you brung Division. A great training ground for up and coming stars moving into V8 racing or a place for veterans to slug it out without having to break the bank.


Carolina RaceSaver Sprint Cars


Legends Modified