Renegade rules, fall brawl





The Renegade Division is a class that is designed to allow the individual to participate in V8 stock car racing at the lowest possible cost. Very limited modifications are allowed to the cars, suspensions and engines. The class is open to a wide variety of American made, V8 automobiles. Cars may be any stock appearing American Cars with a minimum wheelbase of 108 inches. Camaro year models from 1967-1981, Nova  models from 1968-1980 are allowed.


Front stock or fabricated fire wall with a minimum of 22 gauge steel may be moved for engine clearance. Stock or fabricated floor pan with a minimum of 22 gauge steel floor pan must be mounted from side rail to side rail and be a minimum of 53 inches long. Notches in the floor pan are allowed to clear x bracing. Rear firewall may start behind drivers seat. Aluminum or steel may be used to box in drivers compartment. Cars with a boxed in interior must have a 12” x 12” removable inspection panel to check enclosed area. If a boxed in drivers compartment is used, no floor pan is required beneath it but 50 pounds of weight will be added to the right side frame rail centered within the opening of the frame rail. Any patch panels installed in the floor pan due to rust or damage must be a minimum of 22 gauge steel. All interior panels must be sealed well enough to prevent fire, hot oil, or fuel from entering the drivers compartment.  After market tail and nose sections allowed. Roof may be OEM, aftermarket stock or replica.  Rest of body can be fabricated from steel or aluminum, but must follow stock body lines and must not exceed stock dimensions. No fiberglass. No cold air boxes around carburetor. May cut hood for air cleaner clearance. May use 2 ½ in. high hood scoop or deflector. Must run hood at all times unless crash damage prevents it. 6 in high spoiler is allowed, no side panels. Spoiler can be no wider than the top edge of the quarter panel.  Uni-body cars may have bracing in critical areas and may use 2 x 3 x .095 tubing in rear to replace damaged OEM frame rails. Frame ties are allowed. All vehicles must have roll cage as specified in safety section. No hinged panels on body.



Steering gear must be OEM for make of vehicle being raced. Steering column may be after market collapsible type or OEM with quick release steering wheel hub mandatory. Quickner ok.

Front Springs:

Must be stock appearing and in original location. 5 in minimum diameter. No progressive rate springs allowed.


Any steel non-adjustable stock appearing shock may be used. Front shocks must remain in OEM position. Rear shocks can be moved and may use Heim joint ends. $70.00 claim rule on shocks. See claim procedure in General Rules for East Lincoln Speedway.

Front A Frames:

Lowers must be OEM stock in unaltered stock location only. Uppers may be tubular or modified OEM and screw jacks or adjustable spring buckets may be used on rear.

Rear Leaf Springs:

Adjustable shackles may be used on leaf springs. No adjustable lowering blocks, or sliders allowed. Rear control arms must be OEM stock and in stock position. Uppers may be modified for pinion angle. ”A” Frames and control arms may be reinforced. All suspension bushings must be OEM type. No mono-ball type bushings allowed.


Must be same make as car. Must be strictly stock with the following exceptions, no factory high performance parts allowed. Cubic inches: Chevy- 350, Ford- 351, Chrysler-360. .060 maximum overbore will be allowed. Block must be factory cast iron OEM production block only and must not be altered in any way. May be zero decked. Late model 302 Ford, 305 Chevy, and 318 Chrysler engines with factory stock hydraulic roller cam and lifters may be used. Must have OEM stock valve train except cam. The rest of the engine must follow standard engine rules.

Engine Location:

Engine may be set back no further than the number one spark plug in line with the upper ball joints.

Crankshaft and Rods:

Must be factory OEM production or stock replacement cast steel only, not altered in any way.  Balancing of rotating assembly allowed. After market rod bolts are allowed. 48 pounds minimum weight with pilot bushing and crank gear.


Must be factory OEM type cast, hypereutectic or forged, direct replacement dished, or 4 valve relief flat top pistons only. No light weight racing pistons allowed. Rings must be standard size 5/64” 5/64” 3/16”. Factory applied skirt coatings are OK. The weight of the piston, pin, rod and bolts may not weigh less than 1200 grams. NO FLYCUTING OR MACHINING OF PISTON TOPS ALLOWED.


Must be factory OEM cast iron straight plug only. Absolutely no modifications to ports or combustion chambers allowed. No high performance or double hump heads allowed. No Bow Tie or Vortec heads allowed. Combustion chambers must be a minimum of 70cc.  3 angle valve jobs are allowed. 60 degrees maximum angle. Stock diameter valve springs only. Any steel retainer allowed. Rocker arm studs may use 3/8 in. screw in. Guide plates are allowed.  1.5:1 ratio rocker arms only.  Roller rockers allowed. Poly locks are allowed. No stud girdles allowed. No angle cutting of heads permitted.


Must not exceed 1.94 for intake or 1.50 for exhaust on any head. Must be stock or direct replacement only. No undercut heads or stems. No titanium. No hollow stem valves allowed.


Must be hydraulic flat tappet cam and lifters only. Any timing chain may be used. No gear drives allowed. Camshaft may be degreed. Duration is open. Valve lift may be a maximum of .425 for Chevys and a maximum of .450 for all other brands.

Oil Pan and Pickup:

May be any wet sump, steel only.



Cooling System:

Must remain in stock configuration. Radiator may be aluminum direct replacement or racing type.  Electric water pumps may be used in conjunction with the mechanical pump configuration.  Mechanical pump must be operational with fan and v belt(s) connected to crank pulley.


OEM stock only or direct replacement SFI.


May run up to 1 3/4 in. primary tube, standard collector, 4 into 1 header or stock manifolds only. Exhaust extensions may be a maximum of 24 inches, including the muffler. This measurement will begin at the end of the header collector or exhaust manifold, to the very end of the muffler or extension. Fender well headers may also be used.  No coatings allowed. No tri-y headers, merge collectors, or “x” pipes allowed. Track approved muffler required.

Intake Manifold:

May be stock OEM cast iron, low rise, 2 or 4 barrel, or Edelbrock #2101 Performer only. No alterations to ports allowed.


Factory OEM stock HEI type only. May modify advance. No MSD aftermarket HEI or high performance add-ons allowed. A $150 buy rule applies to the distributor only, less ignition wires.


Holley 600 #1850, Holley 600 #4776 or Holley 650 #4777 only.  Holley 350 or 500 2 barrels are also allowed, with an adapter plate, if needed. No other carburetors are allowed. Jetting may be changed for tuning.  May remove choke flap on any carb. No spacer plates allowed. No 4 corner adjustment.

Air Cleaner: 

May use open element 14 in. x 4 in. maximum air cleaner. High performance filter elements allowed. May use 2 in. high maximum air cleaner riser.

Fuel Pump:

May  be any direct replacement mechanical pump or an electric fuel pump that has an oil pressure ignition cut off switch.


Rear end must be stock OEM for type of vehicle being raced or be a stock type 9” Ford. 9” Ford floaters are allowed and are highly recommended. “C” clip eliminators are allowed for GM rear ends and are highly recommended. Any gear allowed, differential may be locked. Driveshaft must be OEM and painted white.  At least one hanger required. 4 ½” max to 3 ½” min from center of axle tube to center of trailing arm bolt.






May be stock OEM 3 or 4 speed, or automatic. Must retain all gears with reverse. Automatic must retain working torque converter. Straight drive must have single disc OEM type clutch and pressure plate. Clutch must be 10 ½ in diameter with full lining. Mechanical or hydraulic clutch release mechanisms may be used. Straight drive flywheel must be OEM type steel and a minimum of 14 lbs. Blow proof bell housings or scatter shields are mandatory for all transmission types. SFI approved flex plates are mandatory on automatics.


Must be factory OEM brakes, disc or drum. Brakes must work on all 4 wheels. No cutting or lightening brake rotors. Racing type pedals may be used with dual master cylinders. Brake bias adjusters must be inside the car. No brake shut off valves allowed. No aftermarket aluminum calipers.


8 in. wide x 15 in. steel wheels only. Right side only may use outside bead lock.  A minimum 1/2 in wheel studs and nuts recommended.


Must use any 8”  DOT tire, approved Towel City Retread or American Racer P265/60-15, American Racer Med, or Hoosier 500. Tires cannot be siped.  No tire softening agents of any kind allowed. Tires cannot be screwed to the wheel in any way.  Grooving OK.  Any medium compound may be used at any wheel location providing any tire punches 45 or greater.


Minimum 3200 lbs. after race with driver. 3250 with boxed in drivers compartment.


Pump gas or approved race gas may be used. No performance additives of any kind allowed. Fuel cell must be in compliance with safety section of East Lincoln Speedway General Rules. Will be checked.

* Note: Roll cage, seat and belt specifications and all other safety rules will be posted in the general track rules section.